A Sense of Style

I last wrote about finding my style, as well as my drive and interest toward lifestyle photography. I’ve had to laugh at myself… I guess I’m still figuring that out. :) Right after I blogged that, I was asked by a couple different friends to do some sessions for them. Both primarily needed updated photos of their children, both hoped for a single decent shot of the whole family, and both wanted me to shoot in whatever style I wanted. Such freedom! How easy and fun was that?! But what did I end up doing? I found myself naturally aiming to pose them, especially for the family shots! Always naturally wanting to move fast for the sake of the little ones and their limited attention spans, I reverted back to my studio ways and posed them. I even posed them the same way!

family photo park bench

family photo brick wall

After getting the family shots, my old habits even drove me to pose them for mom-and-child/dad-and-child shots.

mom and baby

dad and baby

mom and baby

dad and baby

I grabbed my “candid” shots in a similar way…

sweet family sweet family tickle

And I even captured individual shots of the children in the same manner.

peeking baby

baby studying details

smiling baby boy

baby reading with teddy bear

baby studying detail

baby crouching

Without even realizing it at the time, I was knocking out all the same shots in those 45-minute shoots. I’ve got some growing to do! Or am I just showing some style? I guess only time will tell. :)