I’m Back!

Ok, so A LOT has happened since I last blogged. I think that’s probably the main reason why I haven’t written. As moments kept adding up, I became a little overwhelmed. Maybe I need to just write for a little bit every day…stay on track!

Last time I wrote, I had just met Teresa of Teresa’s PhotoWorks. I admire her work and business, asked her to connect, and she graciously responded. So, that was wonderful! I’m excited to have a “big sister” in the business that I can reach out to! The other photographer that I had written about was Karin Doolin of TenSixteen Photography. I’ve been a fan of hers since 2009, when she photographed my friends Stephanie and Nikki’s weddings. After enjoying her presence, personality, and photography from those weddings, I asked her to be my Facebook friend, and she accepted! So, I’ve kind of been stalking her since then. :) Anyway, I love her work, and even though I don’t think that I’d like to photograph primarily weddings, I hope to be like her some day.

Once I announced my blog and plans to start my own photography business (on Facebook, because is anything really “official” until you do?), Karin became one of my biggest cheerleaders! How awesome is that?! She recently started a charity organization called The Big Picture Project (please check it out – it’s amazing!), was having her first gallery show of that work, and personally invited me to attend. I couldn’t say “no” to my idol! So my husband and I went, and I was blown away. It was beautiful! We gladly donated to her camera fund, bought an 11×14 print, and a package of 6 greeting cards. I’ve been to a lot of gallery shows, but I’ve never purchased anything at one, until this night. The photographs were gorgeous and very affordable. A total steal! The best part was that all the profits went right back to the Nicaraguan village in which all the impoverished photographers live. Such a fantastic idea and cause! Besides coming away with some sweet images and a hug from Karin, I also met Kelsi! I will talk about Kelsi in another post. :)

After The Big Picture Project show, Karin reached out to me again a week or so later. She was to speak at a photography conference called The Reset Conference in a couple weeks and asked if I would be attending. After digging through their website on my phone in the months beforehand, I didn’t have a clear picture as to what it was all about and had put it out of my mind. When Karin brought it up to me, I checked it out and saw the price – $325. For a 6-hour conference. That’s too much! I didn’t feel comfortable spending my husband’s hard-earned cash on an afternoon for myself. In the true fashion of successful photographers, Karin was persistent. She wanted me to make it happen for me. She watched for anyone who might be selling their ticket last-minute for cheap, and then when she was offered an additional discounted ticket 15 hours before the conference started, she knew I had to have it. This whole time, my husband Nick was super supportive. Business-minded and reflective, he knew this was an important opportunity for me and strongly encouraged me to go. So, I did.

The Reset Conference needs its own post, so read on if you’d like to learn about that experience!


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