Meeting Teresa

I’m not usually one to reach out to people I don’t know. Especially people I look up to. But after reading about the importance of connecting with actual photographers that inspire me, I drank a margarita and got up the nerve to contact Teresa. Very glad I did!

I discovered Teresa’s work on Facebook. My friend Jenette had gone to Teresa for her maternity photos. In the photographs, Jenette and her fiance were surrounded by beautiful, bright, bold colors – they were at a carnival! How cool is that?! I went to Teresa’s Facebook page – Teresa’s PhotoWorks – and saw that most of Teresa’s photos, though taken in her studio and not a carnival, captured this wonderful color. I loved her use of it, her attention to detail, and the awesome eyes-to-the-camera smiles she had gotten out of the children. I’m very picky when it comes to posing, and she’s good at that too. Really good.

Since Jenette had recently left the photography company that she had been working for (the same one as me), she started working for Teresa. Even though I hadn’t seen Jenette in years and had never even met Teresa, I felt safe reaching out to her. She messaged me back! I was willing to drive over 3 hours to meet her at her studio, but it turned out that she was coming to St. Louis! She invited me to meet her for dinner, and of course I accepted. :)

We talked over dinner for 2 hours. It was wonderful! As she shared her photography beginnings, she talked a little bit about her years working in the studio (again, same company as me), how she was able to leave, and how she began her own business. I say “a little bit” because while I expected us to talk about photography the entire time, we actually ended up talking about ourselves more! Found out that we have some really neat things in common!

Talking with Teresa was great. She gave me some good tips, recommendations for printers, a lot of inspiration, and a bunch of encouragement. I’ll strive to produce images as beautiful and crisp as hers, try not to completely copy her studio set-up if I ever open a brick-and-mortar of my own, and definitely turn to her if I need some advice. Her website is pretty fun. Check it out! Teresa’s PhotoWorks


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